Terraza del Pacifico Hotel works in favor of a Beautiful Playa Hermosa Beach

Terraza del Pacifico Hotel works in favor of a Beautiful Playa Hermosa Beach, working hard with Blue Ecological Flag Program, that seeks to establish an incentive to promote the organization of local committees in the coastal zones, also educational centers, natural protected areas and other tourist and environmental niches with the intention of looking for conservation and development in conformity with the protection of the natural resources, hygienic, sanitary conditions and the improvement of the public Costa Rican health.

It is born as response to the imminent danger that the pollution is provoking in the beaches of our country, and before the consequences that this can provoke in the public health and in the tourist industry.
The Program is protected in the executive decree N-25636-MINAES-S and takes as a basic aim the organization of the coastal communities for the administration and vigilance of the sanitary quality of the beaches of Costa Rica. In the year 1996 the Commission creates Blue Ecological Flag, integrated by representatives of the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, Department of Health, Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers, Department of Environment and Energy, and the National Chamber of Tourism, with the consistent economic benefit on having stimulated the tourism in the zone, simultaneously to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of these communities.

Since it is achieved to obtain the Blue Ecological Flag?
To manage to obtain this award is fundamental to expire with the following procedure in our beach and community:
The Beach required Drinkable water.
You douche and sanitary without detergents.
The entry of vehicles is not allowed.
It is not allowed encamped uncontrolled.
There is not allowed the entry of domestic animals.
The waters of the sea are clean and are analyzed regularly.
There exist campaigns of Information and Environmental Education.
There is a service of cleanliness of sand and withdrawal of residues.
There exist services of vigilance, rescue, first aid and the first aids.
There are easy and sure accesses for all the citizens.
There exist systems of signposting and respect to the legislation of coasts.

The program Blue Ecological Flag looks for the collaboration of all the persons of the community and tourists who visit our beach therefore, some recommendations are offered to the tourists:
Use the wastebaskets arranged in the beach.
Walk a bicycle or the public transport use to go to the beach.
Respect the safety instructions and the codes of conduct in the beach.
Respect the nature in the beach and your surroundings.
Limit the use of the water and of electricity during your stay.
Choose meaningfully a place of vacations where the environment looks after itself.

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