Terraza del Pacífico Hotel works to achieve Certification for the Tourist Sustainability

Terraza del Pacífico Hotel works to achieve Certification for the Tourist Sustainability, that seeks to turn the concept of sustainability into real, something practical and necessary interested in the context of the tourist competitiveness of the country, with a view to improving the form in which there are in use the natural and social resources, stimulating the active participation of the local communities, and to offer a new support for the competitiveness of the executive sector.

It is a program that claims the categorization and certification of tourist companies of agreement with the degree in which your operation comes closer a model of sustainability. For this four fundamental areas are evaluated:
Physical - biological environment Evaluates the interaction among the company and the natural surrounding way, interesting the implementation of policies and programs of sustainability, protection of the environment, among others.
Plant of service (Establishments of Accommodations) There are evaluated aspects related to the systems and internal processes of the company, as for the managing of waste and the utilization of technologies for the saving of light and water.
Management of the service (Agencies Tour Operators) Includes the process by means of which, the company considering all the exogenous and endogenous elements, designs a tourist product according to the trends of the market and the own(proper) characteristics of the country and of the localities where the product goes away to make.
Client There are evaluated the actions that the management realizes to invite the client to take part in the implementation of the policies of sustainability of the company.
Socioeconomic environment Evaluates the identification and interaction of the establishment with the adjacent communities, being analyzed for example, the degree in which the tourist companies answer to the growth and development of the region, by means of the generation of employment or the achievement of benefits in favor of the collectivity.

What implication has the CST?
For other productive sectors The CST it is a program “top of lance” that opens opportunities for the development of providing companies of goods and services with a sustainable orientation. The need for using recyclable, reusable, natural products, devices for the saving of energy and water, managing waste, information and others, is the explosive one that opens the doors for a new market of products environmental and socially amicably, capably of replacing to medium term to other sectors of the economy, generating a synergy and a positive global balance assessment in terms of sustainability.

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