Hermosa Beach

Meet this fantastic long sandy beach, wild and raw, which offers an incredible natural scenery for visitors. World renowned site for its surfing waves and also as one of the most important sanctuaries for sea turtles.

Excellent surfing

Playa Hermosa is located in the heart of Costa Rica's Central Pacific. The extensive beach is famous not only locally and nationally, but worldwide, as it is recognized as the best beach for surfing in Costa Rica. Its incredible consistency in terms of waves makes it a must for surfers from all over the world, and the powerful and sometimes perfect waves of Playa Hermosa do not disappoint. There are waves 300 days a year, or you can say that there are almost always waves for visitors.

While it is true that there are days when the waves are not as big and powerful, Playa Hermosa is a site for more advanced surfers, and not so much for beginners. During the days when the waves are big, they can easily reach 12 - 14 feet high, and it becomes one of the most perfect waves in Costa Rica, offering incredible power, strength, and breaks.

A sea turtle sanctuary

Playa Hermosa is one of the places sea turtles choose to nest. There are several species of sea turtles that come to Playa Hermosa every year, but the most common is the olive ridley, which nests during the green season, which runs from May to the end of October.

The beach is under a state of environmental protection, and on its south side, near the mouth of the Rio Tulin, is an important refuge called Punta Mala, where there are even programs for reproduction and nest care.

A wonderful beach a short distance from San Jose

If you are looking for a beach near the central valley, Playa Hermosa is definitely your place. Not only is it more unspoiled and natural than neighboring Playa Jaco, but it offers an environment focused on nature, surfing and the incredible sunsets that can be seen almost every day of the year.